Tennis - Lukens Cemetery:  

The cemetery is located on the west side of the Allentown Road on a hill, ¼ mile north of the Forty Foot Road in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, next to the Towamencin Village Shopping Center.  In the 18th and 19th century the cemetery was on land owned by the Tennis family.
Legible grave markers:
Bean, Catharine  b. 1771 d. 1859        
Hughes, Isaac   b. May 3, 1770   d. Sep. 24, 1854   
Hughes, Isaac   b. unknown d. 1841   
Hughes, John    b. Jul. 19, 1796   d. Mar. 20, 1841    
Hughes, Rachel Tennis   b. Mar. 13, 1778   d. Apr. 4, 1848   
Lukens, Abraham Kulp   b. 1845   d. 1845   
Lukens, Cadwallader  b. Dec. 25, 1759   d. Apr. 1, 1786   
Lukens, David Kulp    b. 1834   d. May 18, 1851    
Lukens, Henry Kulp   b. 1845    d. 1845    
Lukens, Jesse  b. Feb. 26, 1754  d. 1844    
Lukens, John   b. 1720   d. Oct. 21, 1789    
Lukens, John   b. ?   d. ?    
Lukens, Jonathan  b. Mar. 21, 1844   d. Mar. 21, 1844   
Lukens, Joseph   b. Aug. 15, 1759    d. Mar. 15, 1786    
Lukens, Maria Kulp   b. May 14, 1812   d. Sep. 2, 1850    
Lukens, William Tennis   b. Nov. 20, 1808   d. Dec. 9, 1882    
Smith, Elizabeth   b. 1795   d. 1854    
Smith, Elizabeth   b. 1760   d. 1846    
Smith, Henry   b. 1764   d. 1852    
Tennis M.  b. 1746   d. 1823    
Tennis C.   b. ?  d.?    
Tennis E.   b. ?  d. ?   
Tennis M.  b. ?  
d. 1803   
Tennis W.  b. ?   d. ?    
Tennis, Catharine Morgan  b. Jul. 24, 1723  d. Feb. 29, 1801    
Tennis, Israel   b. 1750  d. Aug. 9, 1790   
Tennis, Jane Meredith   b. 1745  d. Mar. 14, 1826    
Tennis, Mary Wilson    b. 1746   d. 1823    
Tennis, Samuel   b. Jan. 9, 1716  d. Mar. 16, 1803

*See news article regarding the theft of Samuel Tennis' grave marker below.    
Tennis, William   b. Nov. 6, 1688   d. Jan. 17, 1749    
Tennis, William   b. 1747   d. Jun. 28, 1831 
Yocum, John  b. Jan. 8, 1757   d. Aug. 3, 1811    
Yocum, Joseph   b. 1808   d. 1813    
Yocum, Margaret Wilson   b. Feb. 28, 1749    d. Feb. 2, 1832   
Yocum, William   b. Aug. 11, 1747    d. Dec. 11, 1813   
There are a number of additional markers void of markings.

List of names in the cemetery is based on my visits to the cemetery as well as research by historians Diane Weber Wampole and Karen Tennis.

* “Tombstone Stolen from Tennis-Lukens Cemetery” By Tony Di Domizio, June 3, 2012, Montgomeryville-Lansdale Patch.
The grave marker, valued at $1,000, was taken from the grave of Samuel Tennis. Crime Watch are investigating the theft of a historic grave marker from the Tennis-Lukens Cemetery on Allentown Road.
The headstone was stolen between May 1 and May 17, 2012, police said. The headstone stolen belonged to the grave of Samuel Tennis. Police estimated the value of the gravestone at $1,000.   Contact Towamencin Township Police with any information on the theft or whereabouts of the grave marker at 215-368-7606. Callers can remain anonymous


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Hotel  on the Sumneytown Pike at Forty Foot Road in Kulpsville. Over time the hotel was also the post office, a community hall, and a number of stores rented space in the building.  Presently it is the site of a Lukoil gas station.

For several decades, I have spent much of my free time studying the history of southeastern Pennsylvania, born out of a simple love of history and a curiosity of how our ancestors fared since their arrival to colonial Pennsylvania  over 200 years ago.   

This website is meant to create an awareness of Towamencin Township's rich history through George Lukens' 1807-1837 diary books as well as other recently discovered Towamencin documents and artifacts.   They are featured in a new 600 page book with nearly 200 images titled "Paper, Quill and Ink".  

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